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Management development

Having a good business strategy is very important!

It should serve as a guide and describe the business' goals and strategies. The business strategy needs to be long-term, at least 3–5 years. As competition in today's market is very tough, the business strategy should also include alternative scenarios, if possible. The strategy could also describe how the company should be perceived as the company that really has expertise within its segment. This will provide greater focus on factors other than just price.

A specific goal to work towards

The goals must be more concrete and relevant to the company. They could involve targets, market share, etc.

Examples of specific goals

  • Perceived as the best at...etc.

  • Number of new customers per year

What do you require of your colleagues?

Personnel policy involves setting criteria for employees to ensure that they are part of the team. What do they expect from the company with regard to the criteria the company has stipulated, etc.

How do you create a Winning Team?

To succeed, you must have all colleagues on board; this could be across all departments where everybody contributes, although perhaps in different ways. Everyone needs to feel that they are taking part in collective tasks and challenges, that is not only relevant to own role. Then everyone will be more hungry, more competent and interested in achieving success collectively, as a team. Collective goals, or collective performance-related pay, etc.

Being the company's public face

This is where policy is important. You have to think about many things, as buildings, cars, clothing, customer contact, etc; This is a large and important area.

A vision explains where we want to go

A vision does not need to be specific, but a long-term goal. It can be a kind of a dream about the future. It should give colleagues an impression of long-term opportunities.

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